I have enjoyed playing the game from the tender age of only 12 years old. I have also learned that the beautiful game of golf is meant to be fun, relaxing and something to look forward to and enjoy. While the idea of playing golf may have evolved into something much like a corporate-geared chore, with the enjoyment of the game slowly getting chipped away at, TheGolfCourseLocator aims to return to basics and bring the fun back into the game.

From the point of view of someone who is actively involved with and thoroughly enjoys golf himself, fellow golf enthusiasts and those who are seeking to get into the game you can be sure to find only the freshest, most pertinent and best information on all which the golfing world has to offer.

The Golf Course Locator provides the ability to find a golf course and get detailed information about that course. My database has over 15,0000 course ready to be searched by zip code or name. You can also purchase Online Tee Times for over 2,000 golf course in the United States. Purchase Golf Equipment with Global Golf, the online affiliate I am involved with. They not only sell new equipment, but used equipment as well and accept trade-ins. I am proud to be involved with them.

The main purpose of this website is allow the user to find golf course information quickly, book a discounted tee time to save money from the counter price. While not every course has discounted tee times, there are many that do. Some of these courses have specials that can be found on the courses website. You can find a link to the course website in the golf course details page.

The articles you find here may seem pretty basic. That was my main idea to introduce instructional material that covers the basics needed to score well and enjoy the game. I strive to avoid conflicting information and theories that flood golf instruction. That is exactly what can be expected here, with golf-specific articles that are compiled from personal golfing experience and product recommendations which are inclusive only of those products and services worth mentioning.