Fore! Four Ways To Get Back Into Golf This Year


Did you neglect your handicap in 2016?

Well, no-one can blame you. It’s been a bad year for some and golf may very well have been right at the back of your mind throughout it.

Let’s change that! Here are four ways you can get back into the game and sport you love and get 2017 off to a great start.

Find A New Course:

It might be that golf simply bored you a bit in 2016. That’s fair, it can be a slow sport. Maybe you played it a bit too much back in 2015 and the sport has lost its shine.

It’s likely that you’ve just drained your local course of all of it’s fun. Do your research and take your golf to greener pastures in 2016. You might not have to go far and if you’re lucky, a hidden course might be around the corner!


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Play Golf:

It’s very easy. If you haven’t been playing golf and want to play golf, then play golf. Find out what is holding you back and make some time to play golf. If your equipment isn’t in shape, find some new equipment! Do your research and get back onto the links. Of course, it’s going to cost you, but what hobby doesn’t?

It could be that you don’t really want to play solo, but thanks to the internet you can use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to find people to join up and play a round (or ten) with. It’s a great way to make new friends and get back out there. Of course, this can all link up, and you could end up sharing or buying second hand equipment while meeting new folks to play with. Get back out there!

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Watch Golf:

Just as simply as playing golf is watching the sport. Sometimes the conditions aren’t right. Sometimes, you just can’t go out and play it, even if the urge strikes and whilst there are covered driving ranges, they might too far from your current location.

But you can always watch the sport! Golf tournaments are semi-regular and if none are currently being aired, Youtube has a gigantic archive of classic tournaments.

Not only that, you can always make watching golf a bit more interesting by putting your money where your mouth is. Making a bet is a fun way to add extra avenues of interest into sport. If you’re not in the know and want to make a big bet, it’s probably best to speak to a Golf Betting Expert beforehand.

Take A Golfing Holiday:

If you’re living in an area with a terrible climate, golf might not be a sport you can enjoy all year around. It doesn’t have to be like that – places like Costa Rica, Spain and Turkey offer golfing resorts where you can enjoy golf under the sun.

It’s a great way to combine interests, and more importantly, it’s an amazing way to take a break from modern life for a good while.

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