Golf Etiquette


For the most part, golf is played without referee or umpire supervision. The game heavily relies on you as an individual to have integrity. This is in caring for the course, consideration for other players and abiding by the rules. As such, golf etiquette has become an integral part of the game all around the globe. So, what does the proper golf etiquette entail?


All players on the course are required to keep to a high degree of courtesy and sportsmanship at all times. It all begins with consideration for others. It includes treating everyone from the starter to the fellow players respect. This respect should be extended to the Golf Marshall out on the course, and the cart girl as well.
golf etiquette

No one likes distractions or disturbance, especially when taking a shot. Professional golf etiquette demands that you do not abuse using electronic devices on the course, which can bother other players. However, if you must carry one (for instance, a cell phone for emergencies), keep it in a vibration mode. In addition, when at the tee box, do not start taking practice swings or teeing your ball when other players are about to play. Most importantly, do not stand directly behind a player that’s about to play. And stay clear off their peripheral vision in order to avoid distracting them.

Keep a good pace

No one likes waiting for a group. So don’t make another group wait on you. Always be prepared to hit the ball when it’s your turn. In tournaments, the player who is furthest from the hole takes the first hit in the group. In friendly matches, the ‘ready play’ can take precedence, where players hit when they are ready. However, all players need to agree to this before it’s put into effect.

Quickly leave the putting green when your group has finished their putting.

Do not waste too much time looking for a lost ball. The golf rules only allow you five minutes to find the ball. Golf etiquette rules require that you allow the group behind you to play through should you violate this time restriction. In addition, you should always try and keep pace with the group that’s ahead of you. If and when space opens in front of you, you should allow a faster group to play through.

Maintain the Course

There are cart rules. Keep them. Whether it’s the ‘cart path only’ or the ’90 degree’ rule, observe all rules. Keep the carts away from the greens and hazards. This is because the wheels can cause damage to these sensitive areas. Always repair your ball marks on the green so other players will not have to repair the ball mark and perhaps putt over a bumpy area.

When the Game is Over

Shaking hands and being congratulatory is crucial for good sportsmanship. Walk up to your opponents when the game is over; congratulate the victors, and those showing great improvement.


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