Proper Golf Downswing


The Downswing in Golf

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The downswing is defined as the portion of the swing where the club head is moving down toward the ball. It is the opposite movements created from the backswing. After a smooth transition, the proper golf downswing is created by the uncoiling movements of the body while the arms and club are swinging down toward impact.


One of the key movements of the downswing is created from the body uncoiling around your spine while still maintaining your spine angle. Try to keep your spine in a fixed position through the swing. That means trying to avoid excessive vertical or lateral movements.


265The idea is to swing your arms and the club around your body, not swinging your body with the club. Creating efficient movements without extra and unnecessary movements will lead to move consistent and repeatable golf swings.

The lower body initiates the uncoiling movement throughout the downswing. The hips begin moving to the right knee will move toward and below the left knee. During the correct sequence the head will stay behind the golf ball producing the proper weight shift. If your head is on the left side of the golf ball you have essentially lost a great deal of power in your swing.



9-13-12_157The hands and arms start to fall back down toward the ball. The right elbow should remain close to the right pocket as the club approaches the ball. The left shoulder will go from a low position and move slightly higher down toward impact. The right shoulder will move from a higher position and move lower toward impact. Maintain a firm and straight left arm while the club head lags behind.

The majority of the downswing should produce approximately a 90 degree angle between the left arm/wrist and club. As the club approaches on a downward angle, the right heel will start to lift up. This is the proper weight shift of the weight transferring from the right side to the left side.



9-13-12_158Finally, think about the target line. Try to keep the club on the correct swing path and swing plane by driving the butt end of the grip down the target line throughout the downswing. The downswing is an athletic movement with many similarities to throwing a ball or hitting a ball with a tennis racket.






by Matt Keller
PGA Professional

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