Putting Together A Grand Golfing Adventure

Some people like to relax on a sunny beach, in the south of France, with sunglasses on and their eyes shut to the world. Some people, however, aren’t interested in that kind of thing. Perhaps you’re one such person. You prefer adventure; you like to get up and do things. Whether that might be hiking, running a marathon, playing sports, or something as simple as walking through nature and admiring the simple things in life.

Perhaps, if you’re an avid golfer, you think holidays aren’t for you, and you shrug off the summer season every time it swings around. However, after reading some of our tips and guidance when it comes to putting together the perfect golfing trip, you might change your mind. Holidays don’t always have to be about lazing around on a beach; holidays can be an experience to try out your favourite hobbies and activities in an exciting new location, with your best friends and weather unlike anything you might experience in your cold, dreary, local club.


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If you’re wondering how to put together the perfect golfing trip, think about it like any other golf match or tournament: careful planning. Except, this time, you can do things on a much bigger scale. There’s no reason a golf match can’t extend into an entire holiday.


Find the right people and the right location.

There are so many options when it comes to golfing, so don’t just choose the first thing that comes along. Consult with your friends or family, and see what they’re looking for out of this experience. You can’t visit every single course there is, if you are looking to travel far and wide on this golfing holiday, but you can cherry-pick the best ones.

Plan all of this before you leave for the trip. Make sure you’re going with people as enthusiastic as you about this sport, because there’s going to be a lot of it over the week or two that you’re away, and ensure that you’re prepared with the route you’re going to take. You don’t want to run out of time to get around all the courses you had your eyes on!


Get the right gear.

It’s wise to trust tried and tested equipment, so you could look into bestgolfstuff.com and search around for reviewed gear in other places. You don’t want to arrive at the holiday of your dreams, get everything set up on the green, watch all your friends play perfect shots and then find, when it comes to your turn, that you’re equipped with shoddy, inefficient gear. It’ll ruin your game and ruin the fun of the whole experience. Whether you’re competitive or not, a bad set of tools during a game of golf can be a little disheartening, given that it offers you an unfair disadvantage.


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Don’t be too serious, because you’re on holiday.

It’s easy to get caught up in the madness and competitiveness of golfing, but just remember that it’s okay for plans to change. Maybe a certain course won’t be all it’s cracked up to be, or maybe your friends will feel a little tired by day 5 and want a slight break, but, with the right plan, there’ll always be plenty more golfing to do late. Just enjoy the moment.

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