The Simple Golf Swing was developed by David Nevogt. It is a 31 page eBook to help golfers develop a consistent swing. He feels you don’t need to copy anyone else’s swing to be successful and shouldn’t try. He wants you to build your own swing that works with your body. He also feels that the Traditional Golf swing is the reason most golfers don’t improve and leaves us overthinking our swing. Furthermore it’s why even with improved technology overall handicap levels have NOT decreased over the past 20 years.

The truth is most golfers struggle with their full swing and end up spending their time going from one tip to another or one teacher to the next. And unfortunately they never find their way to a consistent swing. David teaches a system to swing a golf club that is stripped of unnecessary movements to give the golfer less to think about and focus only what he or she needs to.

Having said that every golfer wants a repeatable consistent swing. They want to avoid the ups and downs of not knowing where the ball is going next and to be a solid ball striker who can have fun and enjoy the game. Many golfers quit because they don’t want to deal with the frustration any more.

Making changes in the golf swing does take time. My opinion is if you work on what’s taught in the books and videos and give yourself time to adjust to the changes you can become a better ball strike and enjoy the game.


Guaranteed to Cut 7 Strokes from Your Score


His Swing breaks the swing down into 5 simple steps.

He breaks it down in an eBook and Video presentation by walking you through every step of the Simple Golf Swing system. You will get to look at every step of the Simple Golf Swing method and how it works.

Screencaps from the eBook

Guaranteed to Cut 7 Strokes from Your Score   Guaranteed to Cut 7 Strokes from Your Score Guaranteed to Cut 7 Strokes from Your Score

Screenshots  from the Video 








The Program gives you Three Benefits:

Benefit #1 is it will save you money, because the average pro charges around $100 an hour.

Benefit #2 is it will save you time as compared to taking lessons and master what he is trying to tell you.

Benefit #3 is to save your sanity because the game can be downright maddening at times. Mr. Nevogt wants you to have a simple system you can rely on. In short,  The Fewer Things You Have To Think About, The Better Your Swing.

You get 10 Exclusive Bonuses for ordering the Simple Swing Golf System. You receive Free Lifetime Upgrades to any new material that he produces regarding “The Simple Golf Swing”, The Original Simple Golf Swing Short Game Video and more. He gives away quite a few freebies when you order. Click Here to see all Bonuses.

Guaranteed to Cut 7 Strokes from Your Score Guaranteed to Cut 7 Strokes from Your Score

David has cut through the mumbo jumbo and put it all into a system that breaks the swing down into five simple steps every golfer can master in a surprisingly short amount of time.

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