The World’s Biggest Golf Tournaments

We thought our readers might benefit from learning about the world’s biggest golf tournaments. Considering that, we’ll offer some information in this post that might come in handy. We’ll list the start dates of each competition, so you don’t miss them on your TV this year. You can follow the results via the internet, but most people with cable or Sky can watch them live.

The Majors

The Majors takes place in the United States each year. The 2016 tournament began on April 4th, and will continue until July 23rd. Many of the biggest names in the sport attend that event, and there’s already plenty of coverage on which you should catch up.

The French Open

People living in France have shown an incredible enthusiasm for golf for many years. Indeed, that is why one of the most prestigious events takes place in their country. In 2016, the French Open runs from May 22nd to June 6th.

Evian Championship

The Evian Championship is often the best tournament for female golfers. It takes place between 15th and 18th September in 2016. Again, some of the most respected women players in the world will
Make sure you put those dates in your diaries if you don’t want to miss out this year. We’ve also included an infographic that explains a little more about the schedule of the Majors. Hopefully, the info will help you to set your recorders and ensure you don’t overlook a single put. It also provides website addresses you can check to learn more.

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